Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear DotA Community

The post I made last night wasn't just regarding teams, but many other things. It's the lack of knowledge some of the certain people, and community have. Examples are, ping differences when playing verse Asia(say what you want but I play with 90-120 ping daily without complaints when it's the European games), and people consistently lying to others about another person to make them look bad is pathetic(This goes out to the Americans). What really irritated me was reading this post on gosugamers

Special mention should go to Demon, the ├╝ber-talented American, who abused his 15ms to its full extent and basically outplayed every single person on the map in that entire series, including Mushi, who was made to look somewhat foolish against the low-latency wonder."

Sorry, but I have to comment back saying, so it's okay for the Europeans to abuse the Americans with their 15-20 ping when they have over 100? Look at another example of Fear and myself, we are ones to never complain. The Asians never complain either, and quoted from Yamateh "The host was fine, it was very playable" But the continuous nonsense of, oh they won because of lag, and abusive ping. -__- I have to say though, congratz beating the best team in the world...and making them lose to a foreign team for the first time.

This isn't intended to be a cocky comment or blog, but just venting my thoughts to everyone.
I would love to see some feed backs on this. I may be wrong, but if you choose to criticize me tell me why.. So feel free to comment,
no flame intended.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DeMoN's Fanpage !!

Check it out for latest updates, as well as my blog

Also, due to the massive response of people wanting me to use DeMoN, I'll be switching back to it -_-

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Era


Thursday, August 19, 2010

From DeMoNs to Angels

I have wanted to change my name for quite some time now, and now I'm finally satisfied one. AvA- pronounced as ("Ey Vah")..or just A-V-A. I chose this name because not only is this my favorite band, but it has inspired me in many ways including some in DotA.

These are a couple of my favorite songs from them, Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ESWC Day 2

Yesterday's outcome I was very pleased with us winning 3-0. I think we could have played a lot better than we did but nonetheless we did pass our group stage and now the 2nd one will be starting today!

The group stage follows as
Group A: OK,,, MYM

I thought it was a little bit funny, yet reliving that all the teams expected to win, and highest seed happened to be in the same group with each other. It was very very unexpected how ESWC did this. They pulled 4 envelops out, and another admin picked 2 of them randomly and it shows the groups from there. On the ride back, the EHOME manager and I were discussing about the brackets and basically asking us how to ban vs LOST+DTS and continuously asking if its possible to switch out of his group. (Most of it was a joking matter, but pretty funny :D ) I hope for both Nirvana teams to past through group A. As for group B, this is the real "group of death" and I hope for EHOME, and AEON to past through.

We hope to accomplish the same as we did yesterday with a 3-0 score. Best of luck to all teams participating. gg, gl, hf



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time for ESWC 2010

First off I'd like to apologize to my fans for not keeping this blog as active as I wanted it to be.(I'm a little pissed off right now, because I wrote a whole blog summary from my phone downstairs in the lobby and the internet just cut off for about 30 seconds and it never got saved so everything got deleted so I'll try rewriting what I did, but I already forgot most of it :*( )

This past week we've been bootcamping in Paris and I'd like to say we're pretty confident now. This bootcamp will surely pay off, and I'm very excited for this event which will be happening in a few hours from now. It feels like we're coming into this tournament as the underdogs, as AEON, EHOME, DTS, and LOST are expected to win. I don't mind at all, due to they all have had many past online and offline achievements.

Yesterday, we met up with a lot of people & a few old friends as well. It was great meeting up with Kuroky, and Pusher again. EHOME's room is also next door to us, which I think is pretty nice maybe we can discuss some strats together =D haha just kidding ..

Anyways, my team is currently getting ready so we can get ready for our complimentary breakfast, and head over to the ESWC venue. Good luck to all participants, gogo NirvanaGiGa.usa! I'll also be keeping this blog updated throughout the event with pictures, to let the fans know whats going on !

(sorry for the short blog now, I didn't have the motivation to really rewrite everything all over again... )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lineup for ESWC

Due to Merlini quitting competitive DotA, and leaving our team we needed an American replacement for his departure. The best candidate we found to take his place at ESWC Grand Finals is Korok; former captain of eMg, and Blight, former player for Pandemic. We hope to see some amazing young talent from him.

Also we'll be using Puppey, he has been training with us not only when he was on Nirvana but also multiple league games, and some scrims when we needed a standin. He's been playing with us for over 6 months, so we decided he was the best candidate.

Roster for ESWC:

Fear (Captain) American
Demon American
Korok American
Puppey Estonian
AZEN Russian

Saturday, May 8, 2010

F4F Grand Finals!

The end is finally here for the roster) and F4F Second Blood Finale !! I thought I'd share to you all a little of whats been on my mind.

First off, I'm sure many of you didn't think we'd go far due to team internal problems, and us being on different teams now.. But that was not the case we definitely put our differences aside and focused on 1 thing: winning! I realized playing these games involved no flame from anyone. Puppey was being a great leader while KuroKy played well as always with his consistency. We are all friends again, and it makes me very happy that we didn't have to disband with so much hate for
one another!

Anyways, tomorrow is probably our biggest match vs DDT, and, unfortunately, Merlini will not be able to play due to his return flight back home. This saddens me a bit since he's played with us for nearly all of our matches, but wont be here for the grand finals. As for our 5th player, we are still unsure on who we will be using...We will all find out tomorrow!

Let's hope for some good games tomorrow in this best of 5 action pack games with leading 1-0! I'm glad we've reunited for the last time playing together as old teammates and friends which I never really felt from Puppey until now :D (no flame intended). Unfortunately, as you all know we will be going our separate ways after this tournament, so make sure you don't miss these epic games!

gl hf, and here's a small update on the new re edited video.(new song, couple new clips) I am still unsure when it will be released!

Update! Merlini is playing now, he decided to not fly out after all :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Farewell Drama, F4F Awaits!

Hello fans and haters, first off I'd like to state I created this blog something to give back to the fans that have always supported me, not haters!! I understand there will always be haters lurking around, and coming here to post immature comments about this and that.

Anyways, regarding the whole situation with Puppey; I just wanted to say only one thing about the dilemma which Puppey called me out on. I did indeed explain to Loveen about how I was kicked off the team. Here's what he said when I asked if he could get me back on the team

Loveen-_^ : i dont want to kick off you. but puppy is teamleader and other player decide. i am just sponsor and he is team leader. he kick off you this is your problem with him. if i save you, other can i to do?

I guess I’m a pretty lousy ass-licker, if I can’t even lick Loveen’s ass well enough for him to make a decision allowing me to stay on the team!!

Loveen was a bit confused about the whole situation because he thought they only wanted to go to ESWC with the Russians, while we can go with the 4 Americans already with a stand-in. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we decided to part ways instead. Once again, I went to Loveen and asked who he will be sponsoring from this point(as well as Kuroky and Puppey), because we were all unsure who will be getting the sponsor. He told me he needed a couple of days, and will make a decision then. Two days later, he told me we will be keeping the sponsor and that's when problems started occurring(F4F slot, and miscommunication with Puppey+Kuro so they wouldn't be sponsored to ASUS).

To sum this all up, both sides have agreed to put our differences and frustrations aside by working together as a team to compete in the F4F Finals. Starting today, Puppey, Kuroky, Fear, Merlini, and myself will be training hard for this very important match as it will probably be our last time playing together. I'd also like to thank all those who've supported from the start. I personally will be playing my best and hope for the best results! Good luck to DDT, MYM, and LAN!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New roster

Today is a great day. As rumors may have circulated, Nirvana.Int has undergone a roster change. With fond farewells, we say goodbye to both Puppey and KuroKy, while with eager anticipation we say hello to Russian superstar AZEN who played on EG with us and the talented Santa. Clinton (Fear) and I are happy with our new roster, and we believe the schedules of our new roster will be much easier to coordinate thus allowing us the maximum amount of training time possible. Our new roster is:

Clinton 'Fear' Loomis (Captain)
Nikola 'AZEN' Belyakov
Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
Ben 'Merlini' Wu
Alex 'Santa' Koltan
Taewon 'March' Park

Morten ´ZexTar´ Knudsen (Decent Manager)

Puppey: You were one amazing captain, without a doubt I'd say THE BEST. You've made me the player who I am today, and I'll give you a huge thanks for that. Maybe you will eventually be relaxed a little more in the future..

KuroKy: I have always loved your play style and teaming up with you was an amazing experience. You gave Pokeridol and me very nice advice at SMM and helped us pass the group stage, if it wasn't for you there I don't think we would have done as good as we did. I just hope in the future you could possibly show the same friendship you did at SMM.

Also Fear had something to say:
Due to timezone issues and internal debates, it was expected from both of us that change was imminent. Unfortunately, KuroKy and Puppey will no longer be a part of Nirvana.Int. We are pleased to announce former star-player from TR and former EG teammate: Azen. Santa from RoX.KIS will also be joining us along side AZEN. We wish the best of luck to Puppey and KuroKy with their new team.

A very special and grateful thanks goes out to Loveen, who is the the man behind team Nirvana, as he has decided he will still be supporting us and that we will still be a part of his gaming organization.
Chang and Me

Monday, April 12, 2010

Never Back Down!

KuroKy stated in his blog that he will be training harder than he ever has before, and so will I. There will always be games that we lose due to trying out new strategies and experimenting with different hero lineups/skill builds. Teams grow through challenging defeats, not easy victories.

I get disappointed with the DotA community sometimes. There's no reason to trash talk us or even individually when we lose our games,and continue pointless flames arguing about who is the best team, and so and so sucks he shouldn't be doing this or that. We’re a good team, but we’re not gods. No team is. You can find any reason to flame any team: the picks, the play, the attitude. In which case I find sad and pathetic.
I once heard a story about a pro football player who was flamed by a radio station before playing a football game, and then after he owns in that game he calls the radio station and talks shit to the radio announcer. It’s unprofessional but that’s how it feels sometimes. We feel like we have to prove shit to you guys and then DotA becomes a LOT less fun... at least to me. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to the fans that have always been supporting the team and myself! Thanks all.

Lastly, my friend has a suggestion. He said people might be interested in this- when our website launches, that we should have a replay-analysis section where each of our teammates creates an audio commentary to a replay so you guys can get a sense of each individual’s DotA mindset, knowledge, and opinions about other players. Would you guys be interested in this?

Last but not least, my friend is also making a video of me which I hope to be out soon, and wanted to show you all a little preview of it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sayuri is not part of Nirvana

She is not part of Nirvana, and only wears the tag only because she is vouched on a couple of GArena leagues under that name. She created as sort of a joke, but more and more people continuing thinking we picked up another player. She plays with us occasionally because she enjoys playing with us, and we enjoy playing with her as well. Merlini, Sayuri, and myself all live in California as well, they lan occasionally, while I've lan'd with them once.

You guys need to stop flaming her for thinking she's part of Nirvana, think of her as just another random Dota-pride player then you wouldn't flame as much. Am I right?

And check out my former team hi2u/x6

Monday, March 22, 2010 vs DDT, and others

F4F Final vs DDT Monday, 20:00 CET
CM Storm vs Very Pretty Int. Saturday 20:30 CET. 1-0
PRODOTA vs uPRO Thursday18:00 CET 0-1

Hoping for some good games between these 3 teams, gl!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Break from blogs

I am sorry, but due to lots of disrespectful fan supports, I have decided to take a break from blogging. I created a blog to give the fans a little bit of something back and to show a little bit of what I think inside and outside of the game. I am not committed anymore, and sorry for the ones that have always supported Nirvana and me. Thanks.

I may be blogging again when I decide too

Thursday, March 11, 2010 vs SGC for GosuCup#2

This match will be played on Sunday at
20:00 cet
2:00pm est

Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Chile, and Hawaii

My deepest condolences go out to those who have suffered losses due to natural disasters in Hawaii and Chile. My team and I offer our unwavering support of the resilience of the human spirit, as those who are affected perservere through this trying time.

God bless them all!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nirvana int's new logo!!

Our teams new logo, what do you guys think? This was made my Merlini's roommate Jo!
Special thanks to him

Friday, February 19, 2010

DotA Lessons from the Pros

Recently, I've received a lot of requests for personal help and private DotA lessons so that I can help you and your team reach your maximum potential.

After teaching several people and talking to a couple of my team members, we've decided to offer private lessons in whatever form requested (Practice 1v1's, Replay Analysis, Theorycrafting, etc.) Another one I've added is observing a live game I play. I'll be analyzing and answering any questions you may have during the game.

This will all be done via Ventrilo/Skype, and please be specific with your requests so we can maximize your time spent learning and so that we can prorate accordingly.

Direct any questions or comments to our e-mail at or contact me on mIRC @ #MYM.DotA Nickname: MYM|Razer|AVA

The lessons will be charged through paypal.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interview for Forget-Gaming

Just had a short interview which covers a few interesting aspects, such as our latest sponsor change and my personal view on the copy game of Dota, Heroes of Newerth.

check it out!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Farewell Blight, Hello Nirvana

We are all glad to be part of a trustful organization that's willing to support us 110%. To clear some things up, we never signed with Blight for the past 2 months, and have only been playing under their name. Due to a few of problems occuring in and out, we decided Blight wasn't the best for us and moved on. I myself cannot wait for our next official match playing under Nirvana =)

For full information and a statement from our sponsors+me

support us at #nirvana.dota @ quakenet!

Monday, January 25, 2010 vs MCiTY Personal Thoughts

Since KuroKy already blogged about the game, I thought I'd give my very own feedback and thoughts of the game instead. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here; click me

Anyways Game 1 our lanes and picks went something like
Lord of Avernus vs. Slardar + Shadow Priest (top)
Venge + Pirate vs. Death Prophet (mid)
Windrunner vs. PotM (bot)
Tide (Roaming)
DS (Jungle Enemy Forest) Lord of Avernus, Venge, Kunnka, WindRunner, Darkseer

MCiTY: Slardar, ShadowPriest, Death Prophet, Potm, Tide

This game I thought we were outpicked mainly because of WindRunner having no synergy with the teams combo, while the opponents had an amazing lineup for ganks/teamfights(especially the Slardar).

As the game progressed, I realized how great of a counter WindRunner was against a Slardar+DP especially with our combo.

Avernus would run in, tank all their spells DS would come in vacuum, Pirate torrent boat, WR cleaning up by chasing them down shackling, with support from VS terror+command aura, stunning to set up torrents/shackles, and of course swapping if needed.

There was some miscoordination in the game mainly from me because I would swap people out of torrents, and stunning at the wrong times. My excuse is I had to wake up and play this match at 6AM and wasn't really into it.... =D

In the end, I thought WindRunner was a viable pick after all!

Game 2.
Shaker + PotM vs. Medusa (top)
Tinker vs. SA (mid)
Naix + Warlock vs. Venge (bot)
Tide (roam mid+bot)
Enigma ( jungle/roam mid+bot)

This game I was a bit shocked when the picks were done drafting. The SA pick was picked because Kuro was pretty much whining and begging for the hero, thus Puppey picking him SA!! (jokes aside) I didn't know what our lanes were going to be, because clearly MCiTYS heroes and lanes were standard while ours(in both games) were random and a bit awkward imo. No one ever reads our lanes, or knows what we will be planning next which I think it's what makes us a very strong, and powerful team.

We decided to let Merlini solo Dusa top. Being the afk ricer he is, he set an all time record
0 kills
0 assists
0 deaths
in an official match =) Now that's what you call USELESS!

That's it for my short blogs and thoughts of the F4F Finals against MCiTY

Shoutout to Amartnt, to all the amar haters out there you aren't a true BFB fan if you don't support our team mates. He's a great paki player!!

Azen is pro

Friday, January 22, 2010 vs theSHIT Rescheduled

For Gosucup#2 and Farm4Fame has been postponed, Sorry !

Update: Gosucup 1-0 theSHIT

Farm4Fame rescheduled for Tuesday 20:00 cet

Since people are complaining my song is bad... ill add a new one ;D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sound quality is kind of bad, but thought I might post some videos of me!
(this was a few months ago)

Eminem- Lose Yourself
We scored 92/100 on this
The girl next to me her name is Danika "Danimals" Teo, and she's awesome!

James Blunt - Beautiful
Scored 100/100 on this

Pictures of my awesome hand made shirt!! Thanks again Danika!! =)

F4F Finals MCiTY vs

Rescheduled for Saturday 1/23 15:00 CET

gg gl hf!

Monday, January 18, 2010

UCSD Winterfest Lan Tournament

hey guys its time again for another update on my blog

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I drove down to compete in a LAN tournament which they hold every year, and the winning team wins $250. This event was a 2-day BYOC lan, where teams competed for standings in the winner and loser brackets for the first day and the second day consisted of the winner/loser bracket finals and ultimately the grand finals. The game mode was CM and version 6.65. Every game was a Bo3 format. I went with my old former teammate EG.Merc, along with Hilger, EmBRaCE, Hammyton, and FashoBounca. The players are just friends I normally play with on BNet West whom are also my real life friends.

I mainly played carry for my team throughout the entire tournament and reached the winning finals bracket.

The winning finals bracket and the grand finals were the main highlights of this event.

On the 2nd day, when we played against the other team in the winning bracket, the team decided to sub Hammyton out with Merc, giving him a chance to play. We lost the first match, due to some team synergy problems and a bit of underestimation. We ended winning the finals 2-1. My team decided to celebrate this win by eating out.

We returned for the Grand Finals and had to play the same team from the Winner Finals Bracket as they made a comeback from the Loser Finals Bracket. Unfortunately, due to some complaint from their team about substituting Merc for Hammy, we had to keep Hammy for the Grand Finals. (Merc was pretty much benched in real life too :P) They complained saying it wasn't fair having 6 players on the team, because for the sign-ups you can only have 5 on your roster.

Here are a few pictures, and replays of the finals and grand finals of the event!




This shirt was made by one of my biggest fans Danika "Danimals" Teo, the front was a picture she drew of one of my favorite heroes Terrorblade in pink!




Game 1 of Finals 0-1

Game 2 of Finals 1-1

Game 3 of Finals 2-1

Game 1 Grand Finals 1-1(Winner Bracket Lead)

Game 2 Grand Finals 1-2

Friday, January 15, 2010 vs MCiTY Rescheduled!

this match has been rescheduled, we will have a new time asap sorry for the inconvenience!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Blog

Miley Cyrus is a unique individual. She's definitely one of the best youngest talent out there! Ohhh yesss I am also a huge fan of her and madly in love with her oooh yeahh! That's why I changed my name from Demon to Miley in the first place! :P Woohoo! I cannot wait til I see her live in concert, I've watched all her movies in theaters and she's AWESOME!

Anyways lets talk a bit about my team members.

Puppey- He brings the best out of everyone. He's the try hard of the try hards. I truly comprehend why he is the best leader. "It's a crazy world man!"

Kuroky- Probably the worst German flamer, bashing on the Amerikans all the time. He pronounces anything that starts with V with a W. For example(we always laugh when he says it)
Kky: "im going to make a wanguard"
Us: "you mean vanguard?"
kky: "its wannnngggguard morons"

Fear+Merlini: Yeah, they're pretty much my Amerikan butt buddies, games wouldn't be the same if both of these guys aren't playing. Americans are awesome, Fear, Merlini, and Miley Cyrus what more can I say besides Party in the USA!!!

Amartnt: he's a paki... what more can i say.. I trust him in DotA, but outside of it who knows what he's capable of!

Hope you enjoyed my short blog, and its 10 times better than Kky's! I'll be updating this ever so often and adding a new song each week I'm really into =)