Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear DotA Community

The post I made last night wasn't just regarding teams, but many other things. It's the lack of knowledge some of the certain people, and community have. Examples are, ping differences when playing verse Asia(say what you want but I play with 90-120 ping daily without complaints when it's the European games), and people consistently lying to others about another person to make them look bad is pathetic(This goes out to the Americans). What really irritated me was reading this post on gosugamers

Special mention should go to Demon, the ├╝ber-talented American, who abused his 15ms to its full extent and basically outplayed every single person on the map in that entire series, including Mushi, who was made to look somewhat foolish against the low-latency wonder."

Sorry, but I have to comment back saying, so it's okay for the Europeans to abuse the Americans with their 15-20 ping when they have over 100? Look at another example of Fear and myself, we are ones to never complain. The Asians never complain either, and quoted from Yamateh "The host was fine, it was very playable" But the continuous nonsense of, oh they won because of lag, and abusive ping. -__- I have to say though, congratz beating the best team in the world...and making them lose to a foreign team for the first time.

This isn't intended to be a cocky comment or blog, but just venting my thoughts to everyone.
I would love to see some feed backs on this. I may be wrong, but if you choose to criticize me tell me why.. So feel free to comment,
no flame intended.


  1. i think ur right sir. Though lag sometimes hampers the full potential of a team or player to perform well in an online game. I'm from ph and I usually play in sg rooms in garena, i have 150 - 180 pings but It's playable even though sometimes it spikes. The other team said that it was playable then it was not bad. they didnt made any reason of their defeat out of the lag issue or I should say high pings.

  2. you won the game fair and square. what they say is bullshit. they say that because they don't play your game. that's all. thankyou :)

  3. really what some stupid kidos say shouldnt bother you much,have u ever seen c.ronaldo gets angry cuz of what a fan wrote on a stupid forum post.Come on dont be sentimentel u r a pro act like a pro think like a pro.U already play like a pro so I skip it (:

  4. let it be demon....
    that some Fanboy-who-get-mad-cos-his-idol-raped-by-you.

    Some People Didn't understand this DotA..
    Some "Hardcore-Fanboy" sacrificed himself to protect their idol and find all the excuse reason to abuse the winning team...

    everyone has it's own time...just that people won't ever understand..

  5. i personally vry agree with u..and DeMoN u r my idol since i started to ply dota :) kip it on u r the best!

  6. Don't worry Demon, people need something to blame etc. You played great that game. :)

  7. If u wanna do it on a man.. :)