Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear DotA Community

The post I made last night wasn't just regarding teams, but many other things. It's the lack of knowledge some of the certain people, and community have. Examples are, ping differences when playing verse Asia(say what you want but I play with 90-120 ping daily without complaints when it's the European games), and people consistently lying to others about another person to make them look bad is pathetic(This goes out to the Americans). What really irritated me was reading this post on gosugamers

Special mention should go to Demon, the ├╝ber-talented American, who abused his 15ms to its full extent and basically outplayed every single person on the map in that entire series, including Mushi, who was made to look somewhat foolish against the low-latency wonder."

Sorry, but I have to comment back saying, so it's okay for the Europeans to abuse the Americans with their 15-20 ping when they have over 100? Look at another example of Fear and myself, we are ones to never complain. The Asians never complain either, and quoted from Yamateh "The host was fine, it was very playable" But the continuous nonsense of, oh they won because of lag, and abusive ping. -__- I have to say though, congratz beating the best team in the world...and making them lose to a foreign team for the first time.

This isn't intended to be a cocky comment or blog, but just venting my thoughts to everyone.
I would love to see some feed backs on this. I may be wrong, but if you choose to criticize me tell me why.. So feel free to comment,
no flame intended.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DeMoN's Fanpage !!

Check it out for latest updates, as well as my blog

Also, due to the massive response of people wanting me to use DeMoN, I'll be switching back to it -_-

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Era


Thursday, August 19, 2010

From DeMoNs to Angels

I have wanted to change my name for quite some time now, and now I'm finally satisfied one. AvA- pronounced as ("Ey Vah")..or just A-V-A. I chose this name because not only is this my favorite band, but it has inspired me in many ways including some in DotA.

These are a couple of my favorite songs from them, Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ESWC Day 2

Yesterday's outcome I was very pleased with us winning 3-0. I think we could have played a lot better than we did but nonetheless we did pass our group stage and now the 2nd one will be starting today!

The group stage follows as
Group A: OK,,, MYM

I thought it was a little bit funny, yet reliving that all the teams expected to win, and highest seed happened to be in the same group with each other. It was very very unexpected how ESWC did this. They pulled 4 envelops out, and another admin picked 2 of them randomly and it shows the groups from there. On the ride back, the EHOME manager and I were discussing about the brackets and basically asking us how to ban vs LOST+DTS and continuously asking if its possible to switch out of his group. (Most of it was a joking matter, but pretty funny :D ) I hope for both Nirvana teams to past through group A. As for group B, this is the real "group of death" and I hope for EHOME, and AEON to past through.

We hope to accomplish the same as we did yesterday with a 3-0 score. Best of luck to all teams participating. gg, gl, hf



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time for ESWC 2010

First off I'd like to apologize to my fans for not keeping this blog as active as I wanted it to be.(I'm a little pissed off right now, because I wrote a whole blog summary from my phone downstairs in the lobby and the internet just cut off for about 30 seconds and it never got saved so everything got deleted so I'll try rewriting what I did, but I already forgot most of it :*( )

This past week we've been bootcamping in Paris and I'd like to say we're pretty confident now. This bootcamp will surely pay off, and I'm very excited for this event which will be happening in a few hours from now. It feels like we're coming into this tournament as the underdogs, as AEON, EHOME, DTS, and LOST are expected to win. I don't mind at all, due to they all have had many past online and offline achievements.

Yesterday, we met up with a lot of people & a few old friends as well. It was great meeting up with Kuroky, and Pusher again. EHOME's room is also next door to us, which I think is pretty nice maybe we can discuss some strats together =D haha just kidding ..

Anyways, my team is currently getting ready so we can get ready for our complimentary breakfast, and head over to the ESWC venue. Good luck to all participants, gogo NirvanaGiGa.usa! I'll also be keeping this blog updated throughout the event with pictures, to let the fans know whats going on !

(sorry for the short blog now, I didn't have the motivation to really rewrite everything all over again... )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lineup for ESWC

Due to Merlini quitting competitive DotA, and leaving our team we needed an American replacement for his departure. The best candidate we found to take his place at ESWC Grand Finals is Korok; former captain of eMg, and Blight, former player for Pandemic. We hope to see some amazing young talent from him.

Also we'll be using Puppey, he has been training with us not only when he was on Nirvana but also multiple league games, and some scrims when we needed a standin. He's been playing with us for over 6 months, so we decided he was the best candidate.

Roster for ESWC:

Fear (Captain) American
Demon American
Korok American
Puppey Estonian
AZEN Russian