Thursday, July 1, 2010

ESWC Day 2

Yesterday's outcome I was very pleased with us winning 3-0. I think we could have played a lot better than we did but nonetheless we did pass our group stage and now the 2nd one will be starting today!

The group stage follows as
Group A: OK,,, MYM

I thought it was a little bit funny, yet reliving that all the teams expected to win, and highest seed happened to be in the same group with each other. It was very very unexpected how ESWC did this. They pulled 4 envelops out, and another admin picked 2 of them randomly and it shows the groups from there. On the ride back, the EHOME manager and I were discussing about the brackets and basically asking us how to ban vs LOST+DTS and continuously asking if its possible to switch out of his group. (Most of it was a joking matter, but pretty funny :D ) I hope for both Nirvana teams to past through group A. As for group B, this is the real "group of death" and I hope for EHOME, and AEON to past through.

We hope to accomplish the same as we did yesterday with a 3-0 score. Best of luck to all teams participating. gg, gl, hf