Saturday, May 8, 2010

F4F Grand Finals!

The end is finally here for the roster) and F4F Second Blood Finale !! I thought I'd share to you all a little of whats been on my mind.

First off, I'm sure many of you didn't think we'd go far due to team internal problems, and us being on different teams now.. But that was not the case we definitely put our differences aside and focused on 1 thing: winning! I realized playing these games involved no flame from anyone. Puppey was being a great leader while KuroKy played well as always with his consistency. We are all friends again, and it makes me very happy that we didn't have to disband with so much hate for
one another!

Anyways, tomorrow is probably our biggest match vs DDT, and, unfortunately, Merlini will not be able to play due to his return flight back home. This saddens me a bit since he's played with us for nearly all of our matches, but wont be here for the grand finals. As for our 5th player, we are still unsure on who we will be using...We will all find out tomorrow!

Let's hope for some good games tomorrow in this best of 5 action pack games with leading 1-0! I'm glad we've reunited for the last time playing together as old teammates and friends which I never really felt from Puppey until now :D (no flame intended). Unfortunately, as you all know we will be going our separate ways after this tournament, so make sure you don't miss these epic games!

gl hf, and here's a small update on the new re edited video.(new song, couple new clips) I am still unsure when it will be released!

Update! Merlini is playing now, he decided to not fly out after all :)