Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New roster

Today is a great day. As rumors may have circulated, Nirvana.Int has undergone a roster change. With fond farewells, we say goodbye to both Puppey and KuroKy, while with eager anticipation we say hello to Russian superstar AZEN who played on EG with us and the talented Santa. Clinton (Fear) and I are happy with our new roster, and we believe the schedules of our new roster will be much easier to coordinate thus allowing us the maximum amount of training time possible. Our new roster is:

Clinton 'Fear' Loomis (Captain)
Nikola 'AZEN' Belyakov
Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
Ben 'Merlini' Wu
Alex 'Santa' Koltan
Taewon 'March' Park

Morten ´ZexTar´ Knudsen (Decent Manager)

Puppey: You were one amazing captain, without a doubt I'd say THE BEST. You've made me the player who I am today, and I'll give you a huge thanks for that. Maybe you will eventually be relaxed a little more in the future..

KuroKy: I have always loved your play style and teaming up with you was an amazing experience. You gave Pokeridol and me very nice advice at SMM and helped us pass the group stage, if it wasn't for you there I don't think we would have done as good as we did. I just hope in the future you could possibly show the same friendship you did at SMM.

Also Fear had something to say:
Due to timezone issues and internal debates, it was expected from both of us that change was imminent. Unfortunately, KuroKy and Puppey will no longer be a part of Nirvana.Int. We are pleased to announce former star-player from TR and former EG teammate: Azen. Santa from RoX.KIS will also be joining us along side AZEN. We wish the best of luck to Puppey and KuroKy with their new team.

A very special and grateful thanks goes out to Loveen, who is the the man behind team Nirvana, as he has decided he will still be supporting us and that we will still be a part of his gaming organization.
Chang and Me


  1. gogo demon and new Nirvana!!! sad to see kuroky go (and puppey..) but AZEN and santa!! WOOOHOOO. U seem honest about team which i like. plz train hard and beat all teams :)

    ps still gonna do audio replay commentary with new team??


  3. Azen, Santa, most likely won't because their english isn't the best. Fear, Merlini, and myself are going to be doing most of them =)

    Honesty is my priority, and we are a lot more satisfied and comfortable with this new team.

  4. This is not

    This is EG + Santa

  5. Not the best team I expected. Oh well, if this helps somewhat. >_>

  6. I have expected this after you guys lost to DDT before. It is not because u guys are bad but lack of training together. I hope the new team will offer you guys better. Gogo Azen N Demon

  7. timezone issues and you hire azen and santa? :<

  8. Russian Players are better I think If they are in the eastern parts of Russia :D That would make sense X( GODDAMN THIS TIME DIFFERENCE they would be very good togethere but it is still OK.

    Seeing them competing is good too.

  9. Azen probably has a lot of time on his hands and maybe that enables him to be free for a decent amount of practice matches with his american team mates. Santa imo is a good addition, hopefully he can blend in fast.

    I'm saddened though about the growing feeling that KuroKy did not quite get along with you guys. And what's that bit about 'honesty' supposed to mean?

    GL to you all, I honestly hope both your team and Puppey/KuroKy's new team get to play in F4F and ESWC.

  10. thx for fucking up 3 teams :)

  11. well, good luck guys..

  12. damn, so much for the great . not as great without Kuro and Puppey, coz this new team is like EG + another russian

  13. EG was the team that disbanded SK which was one of the top teams in dota. EG has won too much, their quality is not a doubt. Their teamplay is top level just like OK, who by me they are best tp team in dota at the moment. What was irritating is the fact that kuro wasnt interested in helping nva and had effortlest games and also absolutely no practise so the team can gel.For ppy no such comment ppl says he is freak, which in fact he is. After all, good things will come from Nva in future. Best wishes and more trophies for Nva. Love, Macedonia.

  14. Hey Demon, Does santa claus bring EG back? =) On the top again I mean!

  15. Keep on winning dude. Kuroky and his new team should not be allowed to even have a placement match with for the F4F spot. Really, when you work for an organization, your accomplishments are the organization's. It's the owner's decision, not the team. I think Loveen is smart enough that he declines the proposal for a rematch.
    Always supporting Demon + Fear + Merlini.

  16. We aren't giving our F4F slot away or doing any sort of BO3. Puppey and KuroKy left Nirvana at their own free will, we didn't kick them. And thanks for the supports!

    EG, I mean Nirvana will be around for awhile !!

  17. Wow u ARE fucken ugly mate.



  19. Hilariously ugly.

  20. This is bad news. I ain't supporting this anymore

    And not doing BO3 for the F4F spot ? Lol, you guys whould have gone NOWHERE without those 2, in the first place. Shows just how much afraid of losing to them you guys really are ...

  21. What happened to Swiss? Get him back for old EG? :)

  22. DUDE, will still be one of the best teams eventhough ppy and kky left.. GUDLUCK guys..

    imba es by DEMON <3

  23. Those haters are just envy of your skills demon.. hahaha.. ^^

  24. good luck man
    you have my respect

    to be honest i think will bounce back strong with azen. i don't know much about santa from tr.

    if you ever have time to play with a chill asian kid from the east (university of maryland) reply to this comment or something =P

  25. The fans want to see a Bo3. Do the honorable thing. Please.

  26. Demon,

    Quoting KuroKy's comment on his latest post,
    "both mutually agreed to split, for the reason I listed, so we were 2 groups. it was all up to nirvana's boss who will keep the name/sponsor, and he chose to keep them."
    Apparently, they did not leave at their own free will. The Nirvana organization just decided to keep you guys. If I'm wrong please correct me. If not, then I completely agree that Kuroky and Puppey should have a chance to play at F4F. Please clarify. Thanks.

    -Old Nirvana Fan

  27. Disappointed :(

    BO3 is the way to go... It would please everybody in the end.

  28. The fans want a BO3 and you always care about the fans, right?. Do you want to lose everything? I mean, you already lost your pride, now be a man and accept this BO3.
    Just to put it in other words: If you won't accept this BO3, you will dissappoint your fans and lower Nirvana's reputation.
    Think about it.

  29. It's all about the money, guys. It's the sad reality, really. Goodluck to the new team anyways.

  30. its unsportsmanlike, dont giving the other team a chance to fight for the F4F slot!

    if you are a man with balls (thats what i think of you), you fight them and pawn them.

  31. Demon is afraid of a BO3 against Kuro and Puppey's new team.

    Scaredy Cat?

  32. Demon I always loved ur playstyle and ur manners, but i just can hope, that u will do a Bo3 against ppy etc. Its just fair, but imo u will win anyway :). So give them their chance and own them

  33. Kuro is a whiny little bitch who can't get along with anyone(except Ppy?). The only thing he does is change teams when things start to go a little awry. I mean how many times will he fuck up other teams? He fucked up MYM's SMM and then had the balls to say that he wanted to leave 1 month back. Then he left Nv.Int right before the final? I mean, if he wanted to win/play so much, why not play 1 more match? Was the situation so bad between you guys? And if it was, I am completely sure it was Kuro's fault. Fuck that whiny little bitch. He deserves no consideration.

    DON'T LET HIM PLAY FOR THAT SPOT. Even though he would lose anyway.

  34. i always enjoyed i also enjoyed however it was not for ppy ank kky i enjoyed them. as long as they were winning "wow" perfect "carry of the year" and shit. a couple of losses and other teams got uesed to gang style and woooooo i need 2 leave the team (WTF). dota is a 5on5 game and if it would not have been for ks.miracle for exaple the whole train could not even get started.
    a couple decades later a great sponsor great names and the first game just perfect teamplay (remeber the shaker and ezalor support ^^). then 2losses and all of a sudden timezones fucked kky and ppy over? ohh yes timezones must be the problem. since kky is a superhuman he can not make a fault or what? at least ppy is not talking shit.
    i always liked evil.genious' and i wish all of you good luck.
    i just hope kky and ppy dont also fuck up TR once they have 2losses

    bo3=good joke. the sponsor put in the money and its his team. if he chooses nirvana and not kurokysdreamteam then so be it. deal with it. if kky and ppy realy are so good they will have enough opportunitys 2 prove themselfes

    sry 4 long post

  35. A real pattern has emerged over the years with Kurory, as other people have said. Just after a couple losses and a little struggling as a team, he always develops some really bitter personal conflicts with teammates. Fear said in one DP game that the reason NV will never scrimm against DDT is because Kuro and Ppy hate a number of them. Then as always he leaves the team. In the MYM case he said he decided to quit the team BEFORE the tournament in Malaysia, therefore completely screwing over the relationship with his old teammates but still going for himself anyway. Real nice. He says, 'I've decided to get back to my dota roots' -- oh yea with the biggest all-star team yet? LOL. Now hes pulling this bullshit of claiming that he and his new team of old TR (PGG, Smile, etc) should play for the spot in F4F which by all standard customs belongs to the same NV.Int. it's putting nirvana in a bad spot in the public eye because websites have posted Kuroky's challenge and now Demon and the rest look like joe jerkoffs for refusing a game they should never have to play in the first place. Thanks for screwing your old team again, Kuro, you do it so well.

  36. So disappointed in now

    This team is nothing without Puppey

    And they REFUSED the fair bo3 offer ? Omg they are so afraid of losing it pierces the eyes.

  37. It seems like many people don't get it at all. Kuro and Puppey were kicked from the nirvana organisiation. They both were told to still play for nirvana before the split but then the manager decided to pick the americans due to the good connection between them. KuroKy and Puppey never wanted to leave - they got forced to leave. And I also don't understand why you guys don't accept the BO3. If you don't want to, then play with your former team mates and end it so everyone gets the money.
    So much hate and greed...

  38. Hey Anonymous, Puppey and KuroKy never got kicked. Puppey tried to kick us off in the first place so basically the other way around. Stop going into assumptions on what you think happened, and thinking we aren't doing this for a reason.

  39. Hey Demon,
    well, you're right - I don't know what really happened but still I don't know who to believe now. It really got messy. :/
    Now it seems that this is a fight between the Kuroky fanboys and the Demon/Fear/Merlini fanboys. I (and I think many more) would appreciate that you guys and Kuro/Puppey would kindly give a confirmation on what really happened. I think that you posted somewhere that the timezones were not a problem at all (which is kurokys main argument) and now you're telling that puppey wanted to kick you guys in the first place (whereas KuroKy says that you mutually agreed to split).
    And playing with them in f4f is no option at all? This would shut up all these haters and whiners :/

  40. Ahahaha

    And Puppey just woke up one morning like that and decided to "kick you out" guys ? Just like that !

    Suuuuuuuuuuuure ...

    There must surely be a reason ...

  41. Quoted from Kuroky on his blog
    " I mean, we could just stay with and grab the salary monthly, we would be a mediocre team at max, as other teams keep getting better. but that's not what I want. hope it's a bit more understandable now "

    Don't call, or assume I'm a liar now. Since you're so nosey and want to fill in some more information which has to deal a huge part of it. Kuroky and Puppey didn't think us Americans were good enough for them, and didn't think if we went to ESWC together we would go very far. Thus they decided to team up with the Russians, and wanted to "kick us" to attempt in keeping the Nirvana sponsor.

    Congrats, I hope you all still think they definitely deserve to have a spot in f4f, or better yet a bo3

  42. And to be honest, that's exactly what happened. We woke up one morning, and Puppey announced we we're all off the team.. sad but true!

  43. OMG! ppy really did that? what a pussy..

  44. its really getting messy :(

    didn't knew puppey was like that
    i hope this doesnt get posted sumwere in a news site bec. this will surely arouse some hate :(

  45. It's not very mature to make these allegations on your blog, especially since the dissolution of only happened so recently. You should follow Kuroky's example and try to handle this as professionally as possible, without divulging the internals of what seems to be a pretty messy affair.

    Considering the "Bo3 for the F4 spot" proposal on Kuroky's blog, it is clear that this (unfairly) put you americans in an awkward position, but regardless of it being fair or not, it probably would have been what the fans would have wanted to watch.

    The question that remains is: Do you believe that you are so much weaker than Kuroky's new team?

    I wouldn't be so bold to judge this before you even play them. So do yourselves and your fans a favor and do so. Let the better team win.
    There can only be one.
    It's all very simple, really.

  46. u just dont want to do the bo3 cuz u scared of losing
    and also u dont want to give them the spot cuz u mad at them
    if they dont deserve a spot in f4f, i think santa and azen doesnt deserve a spot in this event
    cuz they didnt do sht so both teams should just give up the spot

  47. i forgot to say one more thing, ur ugly

  48. Nice story, Demon.

    Only if it was true ...

    Fact is : your word is just as good as ... your word. Meaning, we cannot, us fans, know if what you say is true, but on the other hand we CAN judge something objectively :

    in the very first day the split happened, you posted on your blog and kuro posted on his blog.

    As an outside spectator I'll notice one thing ONLY : He had only kind and neutral words about you while you used your "farewell" message to them, to stick some double-tongued blames and half-hidden critics towards them.

    And you want us to believe you now ? Nobody will believe shit of what you said. Loveen is your friend from the beginning. All this smells only one thing : SET UP.

  49. Yo Demon.. I know you guys don't have a real obligation to explain to us what's really happening, but think of it as for the fans of As I see yours and Kuroky's blog, there's conflicting stories between the two of you about this situation. Would be really nice if you could explain it to us.


  51. Puppey says he'd made it clear that as a captain he was the one to make calls about who would stay/leave the team... Comment, please?


    Guys I'm so good.

    Days I've been telling Demon we cannot trust he's "I'm perfect, it's the others fault" bullshit and now the truth is revealed at last.

    That Demon/Loven faggotry was bound to fuck up everything.

  53. Demon u shouldn't have talked so much:))
    Puppey got angry

  54. What an american asshole!

  55. This is getting ugly

  56. Plzz stop flamewar....have a word with ppy and co imo

  57. This is getting retarded. Demon found the sponsor for this team, not Kky or Puppey. Just remember that one point.

    Why should Loveen sponsor a person who calls him a liar etc

  58. Pupppey's statement is half correct, mainly because he didn't add the other half where he looked like the bad guy and trying to make us(nirvana+sponsor) look like we did everything wrong. We'll make an official statement soon

  59. i need a popcorn!

  60. come on demon, stop ass licking, everyone knows the truth, don't bother on trying to make urself look like the good guy

    you just lost a fan

  61. Ahahahah, demon is looking more and more ridiculous.

  62. Loving all the hate from the Puppey and Kuro fanboys. but you have to admit a pattern is forming. As soon as the team they are on face adversity the drama starts. Then they leave with some lame excuse. Giving the new team a month, 2 at maximum before they disband again

  63. it's not that we are fan boys, but judging from what i've seen, I can tell that Puppey is telling the truth.

    maybe you are a demon fanboy, go suck his cock you fucking moron

  64. u did the right decision demon
    screw the estonian

  65. woah its not right if puppey tried to remove the americans from nirvana before the finals..
    not right at all and if its only demon he tried to remove. still not right just before the finals etc...

    OFC demon did the thing he did, hell i wouldhave done the same.. ofc i wouldnt wanna be kicked from the best sponsor there is + away from fear merlini (friends of demon?)

  66. demon is just cooking his stories, no credibility at all

  67. 1st Puppey stated his conditions for Demon to be able to join the team and he was obliged to respect the said conditions,but he didn't, so there's nothing to argue about here,demon is a mischievous bastard.
    2nd Mouz stayed strong for a fair amount of time with KuroKy as its main carrier and wasn't formed as a result of any kind of disband involving adversities meaning Ks.Int and Mouz were pretty much the same,I won't add further info,go search it.Else,glad I could enlighten you newbies (Ironfrost and co.)

  68. I readed both versions of story puppey/demon, and i cant rly say who am i beliveing.But my intuition is leading me to puppey's side.Maybe im wrong myb not,but while i look on this pic of demon i see so many things that puppey said in his statement(read asslicker),but ofc myb im wrong...time will tell.

  69. Dota 6.68 new character : Demon, The Asslicker.

    1st spell : Deep tongue (Active)

    2nd spell : Expert Licker (Passive)

    3rd spell : Extra saliva (Passive)

    Ultimate : Licking Frenzy (Active)


  71. demon NOOB
    you SUCK AT DOTA

  72. notice how puppey said he tried to kick demon out 4 times
    and demon said that "We woke up one morning, and Puppey announced we we're all off the team.. sad but true!"
    talk about exaggeration
    now so many people would believe in u ugly fag

  73. Well, if it takes more time it would look like you made up stuff. So, maybe just give your statements... you already said honesty is your priority.

  74. There was actually no exaggeration. Puppey or Kuroky never mentioned to us his plans about this new team of his and what he wanted to do, which was basically ditching us to go to ESWC. Talking about ugly, lets see some pictures?

    Such 2faced fans for believing Puppey and thinking he is being 100% honest, or at least just talking about the part where it only makes everyone look bad but himself(mainly me).

  75. Wow, i just saw the whole Puppey Fear saga. Cant say im too impressed with it, but there are a few issues in which i belive both Puppey and majority of his fans displayed a clear ack of logic to the situation.

    First, the f4f spot. Puppey suggested a bo3 format, and literally exploded when decided not to go along with it. Now anger is something i can understand, but this senseless belief that he should get a spot in f4f is something that i cant comphrehend. I believe that f4f is what deserve in this whole situation based on a few very rationale perspectivees.

    First, fanboys, and now ppy, said that will not go anywhere in the competition without kky and him. Well this may not be true. But lets just assume this is true. Even so, this remains irrelevent to ppy not getting the spot. It is the team in the competition, not the players. Since ppy is the one who left, the spot should not follow him, but instead follow the team.

    Take NBA for example, if by any chance Kobe left for another team and lakers qualified for the playoffs, does the new team have the right to get that position by having a bo3 with lakers? In this situation the answer is ridiculously simple. No. Players are players, they come and they leave, but the team is what represents the competition.

    Back to dota, the same logic applies, yet just about everyone who supports ppy doesnt seem to get it. This points to either 1 of the 2 possibilities: that fans of ppy generally lacks logic, or that they r using tainted glasses to judge this current situation. Ive read kky's blog, he mentioned he wanted this bo3 format too, but in his comments section he made it clear that has the right to reject them and he is sorry to cause so much saga. Now this is sensible. He knows that, as a team, ultimately has the right to play in f4f finals. ppy, on the other hand, feels Entitled to play in this f4f. Now, where did this sense of entitlement come from? The fact that he was an ex-captain? Captain leads the team in game, admin issues out of the game is settled by the manager. Some may think ppy has been wronged, been set-up, been a result of a despicable underground cahoot. Personally i dont believe this to be true, I trust Fear's side of the story, but EVEN if this indeed is true, it is worth noting that he still DOES NOT have the entitlement to play in this f4f. The most simplistic logic out of this saga is that since remains in the team, the spot is RIGHTFULLY theirs.

  76. I was amazed to read further and find out that ppy was angry over the fact that Fear ignored him and proceeded to ask other teammates to ignore him aswell. Now people imagine you are in Fear's shoes. A week ago you and your friend almost got kicked out of a team you jointly formed by this potential antagonist. Now, the saga is drawn to a close, the antagonist left the team instead. you got the f4f spot. It is your righht to play in this f4f. Antagonist comes and pester you for a bo3 when you clearly know they dont deserve it, and that you gain nothing out of it. What do you do after constant harrassment from this antagonist? The most logical thing any person would do is to IGNORE this person. You wont risk straining the relationship further, you wont have to waste your time debating about issues that already have conclusions. Ppy though, failed to spot this perspective, and subsequently went on to unleash a string of flame-wars on a public website. Now people have been saying ppy is the perfect captain. How so? Judging by this uncontrolled, low-EQish tirade?

    Next ppy unleashed a venomous attack on Demon. He said he did not want Demon in the first place, he said he wanted to kick Demon out 4 times but circumstances stopped him. Now being the captain, instead of inspiring his teammatea around him with positivity, he chose to display the power whenever he has the chance to. But lets gnot go into this ppy's character analysis arena. Lets just talk about what Demon deserved to get this treatment. Did he constantly fed and be noob in team games? Well, no. In fact many has been claiming Demon to be one of the best players these few days. Did he disappoint the team and singlehandedly led the team to destruction? No. When was owning the shit out of every other team everybody was happy. Then a bad patch came and it was Demon's fault. I cant see a slightest bit of logic in this situation. There were times when the legendary Merlini fed, there were times when ppy himself went on a monster losing streak. Everytime something like that happens, ppy wants demon out?

    Now attitude wise, ppy has been saying demon keeps displaying "horrible behaviour and faggotry". Horrible behaviour is something up to debate, but faggotry is just direct flame which did not help to support his points at all. Now, back to horrible behaviour, what exactly is good behaviour to ppy then? To criticise a former teammate and calling names over a public website such as myMYM? the irony is clear for even the most ill-witted to see.

  77. ^ ^ ^ ^

    hey stop dick riding

    To participate in a National Final a team must fit to the following requirements:
    - Teams have to determine their nationalities and, in consequence, play the preliminaries of the
    country they represent. A team’s nationality is determined by the majority of all players’
    nationalities. In the case of teams of 5 players, the majority is three or more players of the same
    nationality. Accepted nationality compositions: 5/0, 4/1, 3/2 or 3/1/1. A team of 5, without at least 3
    players of the same nationality will not be eligible for ESWC Grand Final."

    Wait...he wanted kick all the 3 THAT HAVE THE SAME NATIONALITY to another team to go to ESWC WHICH REQUIRES THAT, TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE, YOU MUST HAVE, AT LEAST, 3 MEMBERS FROM THE SAME NATIONALITY??? Well...that makes sense....0o

  79. i just love how u put urself as "us"
    ya, just bring in the other guys into the picture so its easier to bash ppy

  80. the ugly i was talking was about ur face
    its just hard for me to believe u cuz u wrote
    "Today is a great day." when ur teammates leave the team
    fucked up

  81. u know all our source about this is from what u guys write on the web
    and i dont believe 100% in what ppy says, its just more convincing than urs since u started flaming first,
    well the fans of kky started flaming first but u just had an option to ignore which u didnt and started shittalking

  82. "Wait...he wanted kick all the 3 THAT HAVE THE SAME NATIONALITY to another team to go to ESWC WHICH REQUIRES THAT"

    Not everything is about ESWC. He already said why he wanted to kick Demon 4 times. And then he could no longer do that, coz he befriended sponsor. And then he could no longer kick ANYONE who is not KuroKy. I cant understand more his decision to leave, its obvious and logical. Going with team like that in USA for qualifiers is not possible at that point.
    In the end he teamed up with Russians to try to get to ASUS, he asked for two tickets Loveen who said "fine!" and then he crossed him over as well. So now ppl support ppy coz not only his statement has weight, but we are also talking about a guy who never even bothers with public relations and publicity. For him to go all out in public like this gives tremendous impact.
    I expected more from ex EG members instead of this. Especially you Demon, i thought more of u. You dug your own grave..

  83. Ahahahahaha

    Now that the truth has been revealed. futur is fucked up !

  84. Demon, I ask you. Is it true then that you befriended the sponsors to keep yourself from being kicked out by Puppey? Because I don't think Puppey would have to write it if it weren't a big deal. I need your side man. Keep it real.

  85. of course he has befriended the sponsor, you don't even need to ask him for his answers, you just need to have EYES. Didn't you see the photo picture ?

    The legend of this picture in the frontpage shall read like this :

    "A picture of Demon at the restaurant with his sponsor, 5 min before he gets in their room upstair for a session of deep asslicking ..."

  86. ^ If it is so, then's thats just fucking gay. And he doesn't deserve everyone's respect.

    But then we don't know the truth. And each side has their own version of 'the truth'. Haha. So I guess it's just wrong to throw accusations from mere opinions at Demon. Let them solve their own problems. They won't listen to us fans anyway :)

    Let's just enjoy the drama and laugh at how low people can get. :D

    Peace all. Goodluck to everyone :-bd

  87. Your one immature kid demon. ppy didn't wanted you in team first place because he was the one who created the BFB with merlini.he trusted you man but you back stabbed him with your fucccking sponsor and with little help of fear instead. this is the truth because merlini and march are with ppy knew when fear is oblivious choice as a captain and chang the sponsor will set things up for you.peace of shit you betrayed him because he didn't want you in team.

  88. just fucking get over with this already u fucking trollers flamers whos afraid to publish there fucking name ur just a trash in the DOTA Scene
    man up already u stpid dimwits

  89. yeah getrights is right, puppey only let you in because you agreed with his conditions (he didn't want you in the first place). and puppey is the mastermind of bfb along with merlini. then in the end you were the one manipulating loveen into not giving in to puppey's requests. you ruined the team you fucking fucktard. i hope your conscience kills you, you stupid douche bag. fucking fucker.

  90. your are right he doesnt have the balls to say the truth instead he told fear to make a statement. what a douchebag.

  91. i dont think people should even be commenting unless they know the full and true story. dont believe something u heard so easily. in fact dont believe anything unless its proven or back ed with evidence, like a msn chatlog. otherwise those comments are just plain childish.

    i stand on nobody's side until official statements are out. stfu and just play dota instead of adding to the drama. we're all here for dota

    u retarded flamers and fanboys seriously need to get some life. If demon found the sponsor, and if real team cant function with no sponsors, WHO DA FUCK IS SOME PPY to "think" whats good for team and to make decisions?just a thought.. Demon, im totally with u about this drama. Besides, Azen is a 500IQ monster and is more than a replace for ANYONE. Sadly, Kuro is skilled but he just doesnt fit anywhere really.. cya all in game.