Monday, April 26, 2010

Farewell Drama, F4F Awaits!

Hello fans and haters, first off I'd like to state I created this blog something to give back to the fans that have always supported me, not haters!! I understand there will always be haters lurking around, and coming here to post immature comments about this and that.

Anyways, regarding the whole situation with Puppey; I just wanted to say only one thing about the dilemma which Puppey called me out on. I did indeed explain to Loveen about how I was kicked off the team. Here's what he said when I asked if he could get me back on the team

Loveen-_^ : i dont want to kick off you. but puppy is teamleader and other player decide. i am just sponsor and he is team leader. he kick off you this is your problem with him. if i save you, other can i to do?

I guess I’m a pretty lousy ass-licker, if I can’t even lick Loveen’s ass well enough for him to make a decision allowing me to stay on the team!!

Loveen was a bit confused about the whole situation because he thought they only wanted to go to ESWC with the Russians, while we can go with the 4 Americans already with a stand-in. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we decided to part ways instead. Once again, I went to Loveen and asked who he will be sponsoring from this point(as well as Kuroky and Puppey), because we were all unsure who will be getting the sponsor. He told me he needed a couple of days, and will make a decision then. Two days later, he told me we will be keeping the sponsor and that's when problems started occurring(F4F slot, and miscommunication with Puppey+Kuro so they wouldn't be sponsored to ASUS).

To sum this all up, both sides have agreed to put our differences and frustrations aside by working together as a team to compete in the F4F Finals. Starting today, Puppey, Kuroky, Fear, Merlini, and myself will be training hard for this very important match as it will probably be our last time playing together. I'd also like to thank all those who've supported from the start. I personally will be playing my best and hope for the best results! Good luck to DDT, MYM, and LAN!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New roster

Today is a great day. As rumors may have circulated, Nirvana.Int has undergone a roster change. With fond farewells, we say goodbye to both Puppey and KuroKy, while with eager anticipation we say hello to Russian superstar AZEN who played on EG with us and the talented Santa. Clinton (Fear) and I are happy with our new roster, and we believe the schedules of our new roster will be much easier to coordinate thus allowing us the maximum amount of training time possible. Our new roster is:

Clinton 'Fear' Loomis (Captain)
Nikola 'AZEN' Belyakov
Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
Ben 'Merlini' Wu
Alex 'Santa' Koltan
Taewon 'March' Park

Morten ´ZexTar´ Knudsen (Decent Manager)

Puppey: You were one amazing captain, without a doubt I'd say THE BEST. You've made me the player who I am today, and I'll give you a huge thanks for that. Maybe you will eventually be relaxed a little more in the future..

KuroKy: I have always loved your play style and teaming up with you was an amazing experience. You gave Pokeridol and me very nice advice at SMM and helped us pass the group stage, if it wasn't for you there I don't think we would have done as good as we did. I just hope in the future you could possibly show the same friendship you did at SMM.

Also Fear had something to say:
Due to timezone issues and internal debates, it was expected from both of us that change was imminent. Unfortunately, KuroKy and Puppey will no longer be a part of Nirvana.Int. We are pleased to announce former star-player from TR and former EG teammate: Azen. Santa from RoX.KIS will also be joining us along side AZEN. We wish the best of luck to Puppey and KuroKy with their new team.

A very special and grateful thanks goes out to Loveen, who is the the man behind team Nirvana, as he has decided he will still be supporting us and that we will still be a part of his gaming organization.
Chang and Me

Monday, April 12, 2010

Never Back Down!

KuroKy stated in his blog that he will be training harder than he ever has before, and so will I. There will always be games that we lose due to trying out new strategies and experimenting with different hero lineups/skill builds. Teams grow through challenging defeats, not easy victories.

I get disappointed with the DotA community sometimes. There's no reason to trash talk us or even individually when we lose our games,and continue pointless flames arguing about who is the best team, and so and so sucks he shouldn't be doing this or that. We’re a good team, but we’re not gods. No team is. You can find any reason to flame any team: the picks, the play, the attitude. In which case I find sad and pathetic.
I once heard a story about a pro football player who was flamed by a radio station before playing a football game, and then after he owns in that game he calls the radio station and talks shit to the radio announcer. It’s unprofessional but that’s how it feels sometimes. We feel like we have to prove shit to you guys and then DotA becomes a LOT less fun... at least to me. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to the fans that have always been supporting the team and myself! Thanks all.

Lastly, my friend has a suggestion. He said people might be interested in this- when our website launches, that we should have a replay-analysis section where each of our teammates creates an audio commentary to a replay so you guys can get a sense of each individual’s DotA mindset, knowledge, and opinions about other players. Would you guys be interested in this?

Last but not least, my friend is also making a video of me which I hope to be out soon, and wanted to show you all a little preview of it.