Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Blog

Miley Cyrus is a unique individual. She's definitely one of the best youngest talent out there! Ohhh yesss I am also a huge fan of her and madly in love with her oooh yeahh! That's why I changed my name from Demon to Miley in the first place! :P Woohoo! I cannot wait til I see her live in concert, I've watched all her movies in theaters and she's AWESOME!

Anyways lets talk a bit about my team members.

Puppey- He brings the best out of everyone. He's the try hard of the try hards. I truly comprehend why he is the best leader. "It's a crazy world man!"

Kuroky- Probably the worst German flamer, bashing on the Amerikans all the time. He pronounces anything that starts with V with a W. For example(we always laugh when he says it)
Kky: "im going to make a wanguard"
Us: "you mean vanguard?"
kky: "its wannnngggguard morons"

Fear+Merlini: Yeah, they're pretty much my Amerikan butt buddies, games wouldn't be the same if both of these guys aren't playing. Americans are awesome, Fear, Merlini, and Miley Cyrus what more can I say besides Party in the USA!!!

Amartnt: he's a paki... what more can i say.. I trust him in DotA, but outside of it who knows what he's capable of!

Hope you enjoyed my short blog, and its 10 times better than Kky's! I'll be updating this ever so often and adding a new song each week I'm really into =)


  1. Hey demon!
    Greetins from venezuela hope your blog gets usually visited and been more popular than kky's ^^


    P.D: I am kevinsalu2 on irc we talk today!

  2. Amartnt: he's a paki... what more can i say.. I trust him in DotA, but outside of it who knows what he's capable of!

    What are you trying to say ?

  3. I think hes trying to make us laugh
    It really cracked me up :)
    nice blog.. but more spice abt dota and stuf plz
    will make it a more interesting blog

  4. my next blog will be more about dota, just thought i'd catch a couple of peoples attention =)
    (i am also not a great blogger, so don't expect anything fancy ! )

  5. holy shit niggu dat some gay song 4 sho . . .

    u get many bytches for listen this song??

  6. how old is demon?


  8. Think again....U wouldnt want billy ray cyrus as ur father in law...

  9. Freaking hilarious demon, epic kky and amar commentary ;)

  10. Hello Demon. Good to see you on blogger. :)

  11. lol. I just noticed you've less followers than me. It's another matter that my blog is too old while your's just a weeky. It's gonna change anyways, at least after I advertise your blog on mine :D

    Good Luck with F4F Finals :)